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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nutrition and exercise are key to getting in shape, however sometimes we need something to speed this process along.  This is where weight loss supplements can help, the aim of these supplements is to assist the body to burn fat, preventing carbohydrates turning into fat, reducing the appetite, increasing metabolism and reducing food cravings.  Vitamin Shop Online has the following options to assist your weightloss journey.

Fat burners are referred to as thermogenic in action, this can help the body slightly raise its core temperature.  By doing so the body will in turn use more energy which results in the utilisation of body fat.  Fat burners are made from a combination of ingredients which work in synergy to help boost energy, reduce appetite and aid in the transport of fat from fatty cells to be used as energy.  Many athletes, bodybuilders and gym-goers use fat burners to prevent from overindulging, for extra energy at the gym and for burning body fat. 

·      Fat Burners

Meal replacement shakes are also used in weight loss.  Essentially these shakes would replace a meal i.e. breakfast, lunch or even a snack.  The ingredients combined in these shakes are highly nutritious and often high in protein and low in carbohydrates.  It is important when on a weight loss journey to keep protein intake high to assist in retaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, as we want fat loss not muscle loss.  Lower carbohydrate intake may also assist with the utilisation of fat and aid weight loss. 

·      Meal Replacements

The Vitamin Shop stocks a fantastic range of weight loss supplements from many great brands including:

Fusion, Maxines, Blooms, Dymatize, Green Tea X50, Herbs of Gold, Muscle Werks, Nutra Life, Natures Goodness, Nutra Organics, PES, Protein Supplies Australia, SAN, Thompsons, 180 Nutrition, Amozonia RAW, International Protein, Isowhey, The Naked Co and Soul Warrior.




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