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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition


Whether you are a professional athlete or just an avid fitness fan, nutrition is fundamental to your athletic performance.  The right diet and supplement regime can optimise your energy levels and help the body to recover more effectively. 

Optimal caloric intake to meet the demands of training enables proper recovery between exercise sessions.  Those who exercise regularly may require an increase in daily energy requirements depending on the duration, type and intensity of the activity.  The three main nutrients that supply the body with energy are carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  These can be obtained via a selection of food or supplements. 

The Vitamin Shop stocks a fantastic range of:

Protein supplements- these are great for maximising protein intake to increase results.  They help with recovery, growth and support of lean muscle mass. Supplemental protein may provide a practical and convenient way to consume energy, especially when everyday foods are not available or you are short on time.

Pre-Workout Supplements- these support energy and focus so that you can blast through your workout and see results.

Intra-Workout Supplements- Help to maintain focus and stamina whilst also promoting recovery. 

Post-Workout Recovery- Our range helps to support muscle growth and recovery.

Creatine- promotes strength, power and lean muscle.

BCAA’S (Branched Chain Amino Acids) - replace electrolytes which are lost through intense exercise, rehydrate and allow you to train with more strength for longer.  They are also fantastic for preventing muscle breakdown and support recovery.    

Fat Burners- these are designed to increase the metabolism and assist in burning stored body fat whilst boosting energy levels. 

The Vitamin Shop also stocks a fantastic range of sports recovery gels and rehydration formulas for endurance events. 

Vitamin Shop Online stock some of the best brands including :  The Naked Co, International Protein, 180 Nutrition, Amazonia Raw, APS, Balance, Cellucor, Dymatize, Endura, GU, X50, HealthWise,  Logical Nutrition, Maxines,  Muscle Werks, Nutra Organics, PES, Protein Supplies Australia, SAN, Scivation, Soul Warrior, UPS LABS and Vital Strength.  

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