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Using rich, organic, vegan friendly ingredients, The Whole Boodies are on a mission to create nourishing boodiful-ness in bottles! So what’s the tale of their organic beginnings? All destined to become sweet saviours, ready to answer your plea for better body, hair and oral care, the tribe formed oh-so-naturally! Exploring the globe and gathering only the most nourishing, natural, whole ingredients, they crafted an irresistible range. Dedicated to you, the environment and our furry animal friends, the tribe promise that each and every bottle they share is all natural, organic, cruelty free, looks good, smells good, works well, comes with a cheeky side of character… and are all completely affordable! Now? You just have to resist the urge to share these boodiful bottles of goodness with your tribe. The Whole Boodies… Be natural. Be boodiful. Be you.

The Whole Boodies

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