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Health Food

Health Food

The Vitamin Shop believes that the key to vitality and a healthy glow begins with what we eat.  Modern day farming practices and lifestyle factors often make it hard to receive all the nutrition we need from diet alone.  We offer a wide range of health food and health supplements to help you feel your best every day!

We have the leading products across many different categories of health foods, including:

·      Books

·      Kitchen Accessories

·      Dry Foods, Nuts & Grains

·      Health Snacks

·      Superfoods

·      Tea & Coffee Alternatives

·      Gluten Free

Vitamin Shop Online have a huge range of books to encourage and inspire you to lead a healthy and mindful life.  We have recipe books so that you can whip up a meal in minutes, books to improve your gut health, go vegan or even explore the paleo diet. 

The Vitamin Shop also stocks a wide range of portable nutrition carriers such as the Blender Bottle GoStack range, shakers, drink bottles, stainless steel drinking straws and nut milk bags.

With a wide range of packaged nuts and dry ingredients, The Vitamin Shop has every nutritional need covered.  We stock 2Die4 Activated Organic nuts and cacao mixes, Beeloved Bee Pollen, Brookfarm Granola/Mueslis, Dr Superfoods Chocolate Coated Berries and Dried Fruit, Equagold Gelatine and Vanilla Bean Powder, Forage Cereal, Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Powder and Seeds, Hiltona Dried Prunes, IsoWhey Organic Powders, Kindred Organics Quinoa and Rolled Oats, Lotus range of pre-packaged food, the Loving Earth range, Monday Food Co Paleo Granola, The Chia Co Chia Seeds, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, Power Superfoods range of health food products and the Select Health food range. 

If you are looking for something to eat on the run or keep handy in your desk drawer Vitamin Shop Online has what you are after.  We stock a vast range of bars and healthy snacks for all of your needs.  Our bars range from high protein and low carb, to lower protein, higher carb depending on your needs and activity levels.  We also stock a range of nut and fruit bars without the added protein.  Our selection includes paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free and vegan health snacks.  The Vitamin Shop stocks snacks from Aussie Bodies, BUp, Bananinha, Blue Dinosaur, Bounce Balls, Brookfarm, Byron Bay Bliss Balls, Chocolate Yogi Raw, Health Labs, IsoWhey, Lenny & Larry, Loving Earth, Nakd, Nutra Organics, Organic Food Bar, Pana, Pure Good, Rumbles Paleo, Simply Raw, The Carob Kitchen and.

The icing on the cake is our range of superfoods.  These nutrient and antioxidant rich foods and powders promote ultimate health and wellness.  The Vitamin Shop offers alternatives to regular sugar, oils and butters with coconut butter/oil, agave syrup and coconut nectar to name a few.  For those who love chocolate we have a wide range of cacao powders and chocolate alternatives which are not only healthy but nutrient rich too!  We stock a fantastic range of powders which can be added to daily smoothies and juices, particularly useful for children who have a hard time eating enough vegetables.  Digestive health is not to be forgotten, we stock The Broth of Life chicken and beef broth, and organic beef tallow. 

If you are looking for tea and coffee alternatives The Vitamin Shop has everything you need! We offer a large selection of caffeine free beverages and herbal teas.  If you are looking to improve your sleep, detox or just need a cuppa to suit your needs the Pukka and Clipper tea ranges offer a wide variety.  We also stock healthy drinking chocolates, coconut water powders and natural sweeteners.  Some of our brands include Yogi, Pukka, Power Superfoods, Onno, Nutri Leaf, Nirvana, Matcha Maiden, Matakana, Madhava, Loving Earth, Healthy Aim, Eco Teas, Clipper, Chai tea Australia and Bonvit. 

For those who are gluten intolerant and following a gluten free diet, we offer a selection of products.  From cookies, pasta, flours, crispbreads, cake mixes, berries, snack bars and pre-packaged foods The Vitamin Shop is your one stop shop!

For any assistance with health foods that you need feel free to complete our quick online contact form. We are the premier place to buy health foods online, and one of our friendly, professional team members will be more than happy to give you the help you need!

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